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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Chào, baby!

Happy Alex

On May 20, 1999, we finally got to meet our child. When Alex was put into my arms, I felt a wave of emotion like I never have before. We fell in love with his photos after we were approved as parents. I looked into those dark eyes and thought this is an old soul. May 21, 1999 was the day we signed the final papers in Viet Nam and we became a family.

Get that camera outta my face!
Now I watch my little man running around, self assured and bright, easy to cry but just as easy to laugh. Some days the whole concept overwhelms me. Did I really travel to Viet Nam? On a plane for almost over 24 hours? Each way? Where did that will power come from? The answer is in our son's eyes.

We usually celebrate by heading to his favorite place, Hoa Viet. They make the best Pho and their crispy spring rolls are so good. And they do bubble drinks that are so yummy. It's a homey, sit down and relax place. And The Boy is the prince in there. He'll be behind the counter talking to the owner as she makes bubble teas and hacks ducks. He had duck for the first time and loooooved it. Actually he was supposed to just try it and managed to swipe the plate from my husband. He sat blissfully enjoying duck and grilled veggies. Then he moved onto a bowl of pho. We all needed naps!

Chúng ta yêu mến con

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