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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


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Where Have I Been?

Gentle Readers of Angst,
I've been in the midst of an MS (multiple sclerosis) exacerbation.

The diagnostic hallmark of MS is the relapse or exacerbation, which is defined as; ‘the unprovoked and unanticipated occurrence of a new symptom, or recurrence of an old symptom, lasting for a period of greater than 24 hours’.

The time and course of a relapse or exacerbation is one of the few relatively consistent and predictable aspects of the disease. Typically, a relapse will develop over a matter of days, remain constant for three to four weeks, and then slowly resolve over a period of about a month.

My new symptom was the dah dah dahhhhh - The Girdle!

Girdle Sensation (MS Hug) - A sensation of feeling a tight band (like wearing an overly tight girdle or corset) around your trunk that is experienced by some MSers, who have a lesion (old or new) on the Spinal Cord. If it prevents you from taking in a full breath, it is best to treat with a course of IV MethylPrednisolone.

- This Hug is usually the first indication of a new exacerbation, when the inflammation is primarilly centered around the Spinal Cord. Alternately, the MS Hug can also be brought on by an increase in temperature (body core or ambient); if you have a pre-existing Spinal lesion.

Sounds like fun, huh? So I'm on a course of steroids and slowly the discomfort is easing.