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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Where Have I Been?

Gentle Readers of Angst,
I've been in the midst of an MS (multiple sclerosis) exacerbation.

The diagnostic hallmark of MS is the relapse or exacerbation, which is defined as; ‘the unprovoked and unanticipated occurrence of a new symptom, or recurrence of an old symptom, lasting for a period of greater than 24 hours’.

The time and course of a relapse or exacerbation is one of the few relatively consistent and predictable aspects of the disease. Typically, a relapse will develop over a matter of days, remain constant for three to four weeks, and then slowly resolve over a period of about a month.

My new symptom was the dah dah dahhhhh - The Girdle!

Girdle Sensation (MS Hug) - A sensation of feeling a tight band (like wearing an overly tight girdle or corset) around your trunk that is experienced by some MSers, who have a lesion (old or new) on the Spinal Cord. If it prevents you from taking in a full breath, it is best to treat with a course of IV MethylPrednisolone.

- This Hug is usually the first indication of a new exacerbation, when the inflammation is primarilly centered around the Spinal Cord. Alternately, the MS Hug can also be brought on by an increase in temperature (body core or ambient); if you have a pre-existing Spinal lesion.

Sounds like fun, huh? So I'm on a course of steroids and slowly the discomfort is easing.


Blogger Jammy said...

Yep, I've had that with my last exacerbation. How weird. For me, it's not painful but very tight! It almost hurt to laugh, though, so I had to refrain.

I was almost glad I had it in my case, though, because at the time i was not yet diagnosed, and with the myriad of what if's and could be's running thru my mind, this was like a gift, letting me know that it was infact MS....and not something worse.

I can't say I will be so fond of it should I get it again though......I think I will then be like most people and be annoyed as all get out.


6:55 AM  

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