Angst on a Shoestring

Monday, February 27, 2006


Bastard White Rabbit Candy or How I lose a crown..

I am addicted to White Rabbit Candy.
Let's face it, I'm addicted to sweets, period. But these little bastards, with it's cutesy packaging, is a bag of vicious toffees, ready to rip out any and all dental work. Now I try to be patient and let them warm up a bit in my cheek before I attempt any teething. But the promise of a satified chew is too much a lure for me. And I wasn't even chewing that hard! Honest! I felt the crown shift up and out. Ugh. Thankfully it didn't hurt and thankfully it's in the back so I don't look like Gabby Hayes.
The candies themselves are milky sweet with an edible rice inner wrapper. They just make your mouth so happy, what's a few lost teeth between friends, right?

Friday, February 17, 2006


What the hell is wrong with parents?

The Boy was telling me of a "discussion" at lunchtime in school. It seems one of his friends started teasing him because "your mom won't let you watch Freddy and Jason movies. I watched Saw and Saw 2 (all bootlegged) and why ain't you allowed, are you a baby?" Alex said, "No, I'm 7 and I watch things that are right for me. So shut up and eat already."

Now I ask you, my GBRs, why in the name of all that is good, do parents let their children watch/listen/play this dreck? Don't get me wrong, I like a good scary movie, but the gore for gore's sake makes me ill. Alex listens to most of the stuff I do, the movies we watch together with him or if it's something not for him, we wait till he's doing a sleepover. We can't keep all the bad stuff away, but we can teach him how to function in life, help him to make the right choices. When did parents just like, abdicate their rights? This could become a much longer discussion as it's one we have in the office that comes up alot. We all have children or children who's life we're part of. I was about Alex's age when I first saw To Kill a Mockingbird. I didn't really know what Tom Robinson was being charged with, but I knew that he was wrongly accused, because he "felt right sorry for her." Then having the prosecuter cut in with "You felt sorry for her? A white woman? You felt sorry for her?" I remember shaking so much because I was angry. People that know my family, know my father makes Archie Bunker seem like a lovable scamp. I have heard him on too many occasions use racial slurs and all the derogatory names you can think of. He was and is an equal opportunity bigot. I feel a tangent coming, just bear with me for a bit, GBRs.

So how did I grow up without that hate? My mother played a big part in that. When he would start about , my mother would counter with, "Oh yeah? I'd rather have clean, working than having shanty Irish pigs!"

Oy. Such a life, right?

And I haven't even started on the whole "converting for that Jew" thing. I digress.
Becoming Jewish means having to deal with hate on a whole new level. Again, my mother would tell me about Anne Frank and the Nazi's and why that should never happen again.

My father is a complicated man. On one hand, he's gnashing his teeth then I hear about what a fair boss he was when he was on the job. Or how he would help people especially if there was an accident on our street. For example, he just pulled a last out shift and looked like a grizzly bear, reading the paper in the sunpalor. Our house was in the middle of a T-shaped intersecton. There was a loud screech of tires and a thud, my father cursed and was up and out the door before we knew what was happening. A boy of maybe 10 years old got hit by a old lady. My father took over the whole scene.You have to imagine a bear of a man, in a white wifebeater and his cut-offs, old mocs. He barked out not to move that kid, told another person to call 911, had me go in and call as well, but with his badge number. I went back out to watch and was in awe of him. I've heard stories from all over about him, like he was a legend. But it was like there were two people. It still boggles my mind. The kids in the neighbor kids would be sent to our house for my dad to take them to the ER or to do first aid. I have a scar under my right eyebrow that he patched with a butterfly stitch. He was like the neighborhood cut man. I could go on. But that will be another day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Happy Valentine's Day, Gentle Blog Readers

So it's that time of year again when people start the moping, the bitching about not having someone to share Valentine's Day and it's commercial and on and on. Look folks, only you put pressure on yourself at this time of year. Cripes there's more things to harp about, like April 15! Seriously, life is too short to obsess. Ok, so this time of year gets you blue? You need to treat yourself. If no one else is going to do it, you should. Buy that pair of shoes you've been eyeing. Have a massage, buy some music. But for the love of God, don't wallow. I've been there. I've been without a lover during Valentines, so believe me, I know. Give your love in other ways. Like working at an animal shelter, or better yet, donate food, blankets and toys to your local Red Cross or Food Bank. And GBRs, remember, nothing last forever and you'll be Cupid's bitch soon enough.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Afternoons in my childhood



Wee Willie Webber, back in the day

Growing up during the 70's in Philly, was a great time in my television history. Every afternoon, I would race home from school and tune into Channel 17, WPHL. Our cartoon host, Bill "Wee Willie" Webber, had -the- best lineup. Though the exact order of times are hazy, I was in anime heaven.


Prince Planet flies off to another adventure
Prince Planet was the first I remember. A b&w show produced by Dentsu advertising and K Fujita Associates, Prince Planet was part of the Universal Peace Corps and on Earth incognita. With the help of his Earth friends, his mission was 'To fight evil and cruelty whenever and wherever it affects the planet Earth'.


Kimba, The Real Lion King

Kimba. I loved this show. As soon as it would come on, we'd sing:
Kimba (Kimba) Kimba (Kimba) Kimba (Kimba) Kimba (Kimba) Who lives down in deepest darkest Africa?
Who's the one who brought the jungle fame?
Who's the king of Animals in Africa?
Kimba the white lion is his name! When we get in trouble and we're in a fight
Who's the one who just won't turn and run?
Who believes in doing good and doing right?
Kimba the white lion is the one! He's the greatest leader, there's no doubt of it.
He's the one we count on night and day.
When there's danger he can get us out of it--
Kimba the white lion leads the way!

Created by anime genius, Tezuka Osamu,
Kimba was born in the wild, stolen away by an evil hunter who slays his father, Caesar. Caesar was a great leader who wanted the animals of the jungle to co-exist in peace with man. His mother, Snowene was captured to shipped off to a circus and she gave birth to Kimba. She teaches Kimba about his father and his beliefs. But on the journey, which was by ship, a huge storm hits and leaves Kimba the lone survivor. With the help of the ocean's fish and his mother, guiding him home as a spirit in the sky, he makes it home. He is determined to put into practice the teachings of his father.

This is not a finished post, as I still have more shows to add. But to keep you busy, GBR, I have some places for you to visit.
Kimba W. Lion's Corner of the Web
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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Minor Milestone


No Time To Lose Art Frahm 1951
Ya know, when you go down a size in panties, that's a major deal in my life, GBR.
This will, no doubt, just make your day complete. Funny thing though, there was a pinup artist called Art Frahm who made his living doing painting of women losing their drawers.
James Lileks who I've mentioned in past, has a whole section on his site devoted to The Peculiar Art of Mr. Frahm and to the curious effect celery plays on elastic. Enjoy!