Angst on a Shoestring

Monday, October 31, 2005


"People, are you ready to Rock??!!"

Our boy, the KISS wannbe.
The first time he saw KISS, he was about 3. It was my fault entirely. I had one VH1Classic and "Rock and Roll All Night" came on the tube.
He was transfixed, drooling practically. The Boy turns to me and says, "Mommy, Mom, who are those guys?? Where did they get those boots??"
It hasn't been the same since. He asks on a regular basis about where he could get them, how do you make fire shoot from a guitar etc.
Do other moms have this problem?
Again, it's my fault.
The Boy never listened to "baby music" since "Wheels on The Bus" went sailing out the car door window during an 8 HOUR TRIP from Maine. The CD ironically met its demise, under the wheels of an 18-wheeler.
He is fluent in Beatles lure, knows all the words to Queen's "Tie Your Mother Down" which is odd.
When we go to Hot Topic, he tortures all the displaced mall "youts" in their expensive Goth wear.
Personally I don't think he sees it as torture, but a desire to connect with their "crews." I love when we go in and he'll stop and go, "Hey! It's 'Jumping Someone's Train', Mom!"
The looks from the staff are priceless. But he managed to get to them, to speak their language as it were.
So now they show him where all the cool piercing stuff is, as a get to me, no doubt.