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Friday, April 21, 2006


Voting Rights Act: A Promise in Jeopardy

From the Voting Rights Act site.

A Promise in Jeopardy: Three crucial sections of the VRA set to expire in 2007
In the 40 years since its passage, the Voting Rights Act has guaranteed millions of Americans the equal opportunity to participate in the political process. One of the most successful civil rights laws ever enacted by Congress, the VRA abolished literacy and other tests which had been used to deny blacks and other minorities the right to vote. The genius of the act was not simply that it outlawed discrimination at the ballot box. It also gave voters new tools to ensure fundamental fairness in the voting process. In 2007, some of these important mechanisms will expire unless Congress acts.

This Act is too important to ignore. If it is allowed to wither, every American's right to vote is in jeopardy. In fact too few of us realise how important our right to vote truly is. Too much blood has been shed to take it for granted. Go to the site and see how you can help.


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