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Monday, April 17, 2006


The "Oy"s of Passover

Matzah is hard to digest. Period. When I eat it, I feel like someone is stomping on my chest. So I eat egg matzah, which is for the "aged and infirmed." Bastards. Calling me aged and infirmed. Oh wait. That -is- me!
Yesterday we had a "Spring Holiday" meal with my Aunt and Cousin. Since the whole "Wicked" thing, my mother has not spoken to us so no invite for Easter dinner. But then I've had more fun at funerals. Holidays with my side is a study in bad family dynamics. So having a dinner at our house was much more fun. We did keep it Kosher for Pesach and I even made(!) a Matzah Charlotte. Why Charlotte, I have no idea.

The Boy helped me and did great at cracking the eggs. Only one piece of shell!

Matzah Charlotte

Preheat your oven 350 degrees

8 to 9 boards of matzah
8 eggs
1 cup of sugar or Splenda
1 cup of chunky apple sauce
4 tablespoons of melted margarine or Moove Over Butter
1 tablespoon of Cinnamon
1 teaspoon of nutmeg
(Optional: a cup of raisins or sultanas, chopped walnuts, cranberries)

Hold back one board of matzah. (you'll see)
Break up your boards of matzah into small pieces (don't pulverise them!) over a strainer and then
soak your boards of matzah in warm water. I let mine really soak it up. It takes like a minute.

Then squish out as much water as you can. If you feel it's too wet, crumble up another board into the wet stuff.

In a big bowl, crack them eggs and scramble it up. Add the apple sauce, sugar, spices. Now add the matzah mush. Add the rest of your stuff and give it a good mix.

In a greased 9x9 square pan, turn it all out. You can sprinkle more cinnamon on top if you like.

Pop it in for about an hour, this is a dense mix. Just check on it at the 30 minute mark. I checked on mine at the 50 min mark and the fork test was fine.

Serve and enjoy the comments on how it's not quite his mom's but good.


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