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Monday, March 27, 2006


Oy, I'm not ready for this!

Our little mancub who is 7, is asking "those questions". And frankly, I'm scared witless. Kids know far too much, as in bad info, so I want to be aware, ever ready. Wrong! I find myself backpedaling. What he knows so far: That we all were once carried in a birth mother. That we live inside her and rely on her to nourish us and take good care of her body during it. That some babies are "cut out" of their moms. That all kids in a family don't have to be "birth/bio children" to be someone's baby.

He handled the whole birthmother thing well. Better than me.
We've talked about gay/bi/lesbian/trans not in detail but enough to know that it's not a choice it's just who they are and that's cool. Love who you love, you know?

But when we get to the whole concept of sex? Oy, I'm so not ready. I do have a book that Marc Brown illustrated with his wife, Laurie Krasny Brown as the writer/educator. It's called What's the Big Secret? And it's a lot of fun and it's warmly presented so the "ewww" factor should be nil. If I could only get the "noirve".


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