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Monday, March 06, 2006


Welcome to March...Here's Your F'ing Snakes


And St. Pat's stuff is coming atcha. I have some St. Patrick's day stuff in one of my albums of a vintage nature. The image I have posted here is very similar to one that was in a mass card. The mass card was being caligraphied (or is it caliged?) in the office where I used to work. (I worked for a short time as a composite artist, but spent alot of time making things for the upper brass' girlfriends.)
You need to have some backstory or you really can't appreciate the thing in total. One of the cops, whom I'll call J, was a practical joker extraordinaire. Another, D was equally as inventive. But I digress.
Mass card
n. Roman Catholic Church.
A card sent to a bereaved person or family indicating that the sender has arranged for a Mass to be said in memory of the deceased.

A captain who's mother passed away was having her viewing so one of his men had a Mass Card to be filled out with nice script. It was a St. Patrick's Mass Card So J, who always used a bit of tracing paper to do a rough to get an idea for spacing. He fills it in. He had also drawn a little balloon with the caption, "Here's your fucking snakes!" on it. So things got a little busy and J had tucked the card away, with the slip of paper still inside.
The officer comes down, sees the card, thinks it's ready to go and takes it. J and D come back from lunch, the card is missing, and it has the drawing inside. So it was a big uh-oh moment. We waited. A week later the captain who's mom passed, comes down looking for J. Of course J is waiting to be chewed out. The captain said he and his wife were going through the cards, crying and getting down all over again. Till they get to "the card". He said they laughed themselves sick and couldn't stop. His mother had a twisted sense of humour and would have appreciated it.

I have other stories like this, believe me. I really should write that book.


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