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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Really, Really Good Coffee


The Last Legal High
I'm not a Starbucks fan. Not in the least. I find their coffee seems to have too much of a burnt flavor for me to enjoy it. The hubby and I are coffee drinkers. We sneer at decaf. We shun Folgers. We snobs! So bopping around the net a few years back, I came across Raven's Brew Coffee. I loved the site and the artwork. So I took the risk and ordered their namesake brew. We were hooked. Having tried most of them, I think Dead Man's Reach and Wicked Wolf were my favorites. So the other day, The Boy was rather giggly about something. He pulled me into the kitchen and in a laughing whisper, told me to look in the fridge.

He pulls a bag of coffee out and laughing, tearing goes,"Mommy, look look, the goat has three wenises!"
The Infamous Goat


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