Angst on a Shoestring

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


The Joys of Being Disabled..Part The Second

What I think really bugged me about this whole disaster, is how helpless my mother has become. Now she and I have different health issues. I have a disease, she's got new hips and knees. I have to take needles three times a week, take huge amounts of pain meds, I avoid places that I know I'm going to have trouble maneuvering.

So think about it. You have two people that have trouble standing on their own pins. Don't you think the first blasted thing you would ask about is special seating/accommodations? I am so very tired of having to be Captain Obvious.

Never once, did she or my father for that matter, ask me what is MS? Never once did my brother or sister ask me what does it do to you?

I think I have issues, don't you?

Thankfully I have other family members that show concern and what to know.


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