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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Oh No, It's Christmas, Again..

Well Gentle Blog Reader, whether you like it or not, the holidays are upon us. Who the hell thought 24 hour programming of "Holiday Favorites" was a great idea? I always wondered about the suicide rate and if it increases. And being Jewish there's not a whole lot of "Holiday Favorites" for my people. The Dreidel Song hardly makes up for it. I do however have some interesting choices for Christmas music on my iTunes list.

I was raised Catholic and converted when I married my dear beleaguered hubby. So he's not really nostalgic about being excited about Santa, or straining to hear sleighbells and hooves pawing on the roof.

Christmas brings about a lot of mixed feelings for me. The past 20 years or so, I felt like I was overcompensating somehow to gain approval from my parents. I would buy all sorts of great things and the reaction from them was less than overwhelming. So the older I got, and since I was now in my own home and away from them, we buy much less. What do you buy for the people that have everything and appreciate nothing? (believe me, I could write volumes about this subject alone)

I do feel pangs of guilt when it involves The Boy. He gets Christmas and Hanukkah gifts. And my inlaws do make him feel very wanted and loved. When I take him to my parents house, well, I've been to more livelier wakes.

So folks, if the holidays depress you and lord knows it gets to me, do something for someone else. Volunteer at places that serve meals for the homeless, take new toys to a shelter, deliver meals to the homebound. Cause as low as you may feel, as lost and hopeless as you think you are, there's always someone that needs your help.


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