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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


ElectroBoy and his Mom

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I introduced The Boy to the joy that is Synth Pop.
How did it start, you ask? Well, it was The Mighty Boosh's fault..again.
During an episode called oddly enough, "Electro" in which Vince is asked to be in Kraftwerk Orange, a band with two girls who'll stab you up at the drop of a pin.

So I made a CD for the car and started teaching The Boy. We started off with The Human League - Don't You Want Me?, followed by The Cure's The Walk. In the mix we had Flock of Seagulls - I Ran, Yazoo's Don't Go, Berlin's The Metro, Heaven 17 - Temptation and Spark's I Predict. Of course Vince's drag was an homage to Ron Mael of Sparks.

How do you put 40 years of music into a kid's brain? Well, at least he's well rounded and slightly esoteric, which pleases me to no end.


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