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Monday, November 14, 2005


Lusting after the Un-attainable

People who have visited my humble sorta cube/office/den of iniquity know that I have an Alan Rickman fetish. Especially when he's in his Snape drag. I have several versions of his "action" figure. (none of which do -any- justice to Mr. Rickman also rather short on "action" if you get my drift).
And I am not alone in this lust. When doing a search for images of Rickman/Snape for desktop images, I stumbled into a whole new world: FanFic and FanArt.
Fanfic is, as you can guess, fiction written by fans. Some of which is rather "starry eyed, holding hands, saving the world" type stuff.

And then there's the "other" type of FanFic, the naughty stories. I sat slackjawed reading some of the best written erotica involving established characters. Which leads me to wonder, has Mr. Rickman ever been curious enough to read about how Hermione saves him from "The Fourth Unforgivable Curse"? (Hint: the Latin root is Priapus.)

The realm of FanArt, for me, sets my teeth on edge. I've seen sites that use photos and type for some great design work, but the main bulk of fan art is poorly executed. I guess coming from an art background, I can critique a drawing like nobody's business. And the manga style drawings of the Potter gang. For the love of God, make it stop! I love manga, but when did this trend of drawing 'everything manga' come from? Personally, I'm not into seeing my Snape with big Astro Boy eyes.

After I get permission from several personal sites, I will post the ones I feel are the best at delivering great Snape images/stories.

Maybe tomorrow I'll post about my other lust object, William Petersen.


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