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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Terri Garr and I

terigarrTeri Garr and I

You know that saying about meeting your heros, or in this case sheros, that you may be dissappointed? Teri Garr is probably one of the nicest people you'd ever meet in your life. I was waiting back stage for her arrival and was on pins and needles, which in the case of having MS, usual MO.
When she came in, she moves slower now and I sensed pain. But what a smile. She was at the National MS Covention for the Greater Delaware Valley earlier, so I know I would have wanted a nap at that point.
She came in with her assistant and had a seat. I told her I was a Sister in Arms and taking the same med that she takes, Rebif®. She was wearing a lovely oatmeal wool sweater, which was not the thing to wear that day. It was unseasonably warm, she commented that it felt like we were baking cookies back there. (folks with MS don't do heat well)
When she was asked what she wanted to do, she was a little surprised but she would wing it, talk about the book, MS, take Q&A from the crowd.

So out I go to the podium, which was on the opposite side of the stage, thinking about that WB frog tap dancing across. People started clapping and I took my place. I took my time, cause get me going and it's a blur. After she came out, I went backstage and out the side doors and took my seat up front next to the President of our library. Ms.Garr just sort of starting talking about work, how the illness affected her, the people she worked with, her family. She was a delight.
The Q&A time is always a bit of a white knuckle thing, cause you can't screen the questions and alot of Young Frankenstein stuff gets brought up again and again. But she handled it with flair and her sense of humour. I never got the ditzy thing about her. Her sense of humour, to me, is ethereal.


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