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Monday, November 21, 2005


Tighten Up!

Nope, not the song by Archie Bell and The Drells.
Today I get to have my lap band adjusted. For those of you just joining our program, in September I had a LAP band installed.
What it does, essentially, is make the stomach smaller without actually cutting away the stomach.

Why did I do it? Part of me still feels that I've become a turn coat to my fellow fat folks. But with MS, Diabetes, and HBP, I wanted to be around for our son. It's a slower loss than the gastric bypass. And if something goes bad, it can be removed.

Look, I'm not interested in becoming a swimsuit model, I just want to be able to go near a beach without someone trying to put me back in the water.
It will be nice having more energy and more flexiblity. Look out Rockettes!

I will always be a fat person. That's fine. I want to be a healthy fat person and it is possible.

When kids in my son's school call me fat, he gets angry and defends my honor valiantly.
I sat him down and I asked him "What is the color of the sky?" He said. "Blue. with white clouds."
I said " So, someone pointing to the sky and saying 'hey sky, you're blue! You're sooo blue' they would be telling the sky something it knows about itself, right?"

He mulled this over and said, "So Captain Obvious over there is just telling you something you all ready know, huh?"

I love when he calls someone Captain Obvious. Coming out of a 7 year old's mouth stuns alot of people.
That's my little man cub.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a little kid defending his dad's honor, cute and precious :)

8:29 PM  
Blogger Gina said...

Um..I'm a woman..~laughing~

9:29 AM  

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