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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Ok, a recipe that even I can make.

One of our delightful coworkers gifted us with a container of what appeared to be some kind of toffee.
Eating it was so yummy, I was expecting my teeth to get caught but by surprise everything melted nicely. Very good mouth feel with this. When I turned it over, I saw the giveaway pattern of a saltine. Apparently, this is a big hit for the holidays that somehow bypassed my family, who were into the fad food recipes like ambrosia and blender pies.

Rachel's Nani's Salty Bark

Nani taught me how to make it – its called Salty Bark.

1 stick butter (NO margarine)
1 cup sugar
1 sleeve saltines
1 bag chocolate chips
1 bag peanut butter chips

Line baking pan with aluminum foil, place saltines flat on pan.
Melt butter and sugar over low heat and pour over saltines.
Stick in oven at 350 for 10 minutes.
Remove crackers from oven and– pour peanut butter and chocolate chips over hot buttery crackers.
As the chips melt spread them out over crackers until smooth.
Stick in fridge for one hour
Crack and eat.
Visit doctor due to clogged arteries.
Happy holidays!!

The beauty of this is that you can add little things to dress it up, like drizzling white chocolate over it. But it's good just the way it is.


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