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Thursday, December 07, 2006


Dan Zanes sings for Heifer Org.

Dan Zanes, of The Del Fuegos, is enjoying a second career as family musician. Fun, bright songs for you and the kids, without the saccharine.
His latest "Holiday Time in Brooklyn" is Heifer's tune this year. Fron the site: Amazing things happen when friends share music with each other. Even more amazing things happen when you give a gift to a friend through Heifer. Check out the gift animals you can give to a loved one to do something this year that helps a family out of poverty and despair. Each recipient family passes on the gift to another needy family in their community. You can start a cycle of giving that lasts generations.

How cool is that? A gift of chickens, llamas, goats, bees even! They all can be part of a sustaining gift to impoverished families all over the world.

Heifer Org.


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