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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


For your viewing pleasure - Mister Reusch!


I stumbled here bopping about the net. I looooooove anyone that has bright colors and luscious pinups. And bug-eyed dogs! He proves that Saturdays spent in front of the TV to catch the Creature Double Feature actually can be useful in a career. His work is creepy but oh so much fun.

In his words:"Freelance illustrator/ mask-maker/ poster artist/ spookshow collaborator holed up in a big spooky apartment (that came with its own embalming machine in the cellar) with self-described "evil hootchie dancer" Miss Firecracker and our bug eyed Boston Terrier/ home wreckers, "Frankenstein" and "Mr. Rupert Giles."

Co-founder of the horror-themed Black Cat Burlesque and art guy for Miss Firecracker's "La Gata Negra League of Masked Lady Wrestlers". I type with my middle finger with occasional assists from mister thumb. I've designed snowboard art but prefer sledding and snowball fights. I sit at home all day painting pictures and playing with my dogs, and at night I put on homemade monster masks and chase my girlfriend around on burlesque stages of the Northeast. I really like sitting in the tub with hot water. If it's hot out, I like sitting in the tub with cold water. I look forward to becoming a very destructive ghost someday. There are a lot of mean shitheads in the world, so in my future job as a ghost, I will make them miserable and scare them 24/7 until they go crazy and/or lose all control of their bowels. I think the world would be in much better shape if everyone had great sex lives."
bellalunaBella Luna

This is how I see the moon. Sweetly shining. Plus I'm a moonchild so..

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