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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Last Night's Event

Short post today. Last night's authors' panel was a bit of a drag. Though I did get Ms. Chast to sign my books.
The first clue to something being off, was the lack of crowd. Still an intimate gathering with the artists could be nice, right?
When Paul Buckley started speaking, I got his whole laid back thing, which is fine. His co-presenter was a little too un-prepared for the exciting world of panel moderation. She was really quiet and did the "um ah" thing too much. I'm sure she's a good art director, but keep her outta the public talk circuit

I did say this post would be short, right?

Seth was an engaging person. His love for nostalgia (The man -still- does his own separations. BY HAND!!) was apparent in his work and it harkened back to the days of hand lettering, hat wearing and no computers. Roz Chast was by far the more well known out of the trio and her enthusiam for her work, her schtick had the audience laughing.

Then Anders Nilsen came up to bat. He's not very good at presenting himself or his art. There's a bit more going on in his work and it takes a longer look. But he was so quiet and UmAh lady was pitching the questions! I was like if they get anymore laid back they'll be in a coma. His work is compelling, moving in its spareness but all I wanted to do was bolt.

I think, for me, hearing how a technique was created, what materials, scrap etc. is more intriguing to me as an artist. I don't need to hear the angst. I can see it for myself.

A painting instructor of mine said and I paraphrase here "that the people that buy the art are the spinner's of all this mythos and artists inner turmoil, sturm und drang. Artists when they're together they want to know who's sleeping with who and where can I score some grass."

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